Argan Hair Repair Oil


Argan hair oil for hair nourishment and hydration.

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90 ml
This product gives shine and softness to your hair thanks to the vitamins B and E found in argan oil.
It nourishes weak and lifeless scalps. It adds volume and strengthens the hair. It increases the resistance of the hair strands, so the hair does not break. It is very effective in preventing hair loss and breakage. While reducing hair breakage, it also balances the moisture of the hair.
Usage: Apply it to the hair before bathing.
Warm the oil by taking it in your hand and massaging it into your hair. If desired, you can use a comb to spread the oil well. Comb your hair thoroughly from the roots to the tips. Then wrap your head with cling film and leave it for 20-25 minutes. After the process is finished, you can wash and rinse the hair with shampoo. You can use it after bathing by adding the product to the tips of the hair.

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