Black Pearl Liquid Hand Soap 500ml




Savon De Royal Black Pearl Liquid Hand Soap – Liquid Hand Wash, Multi Purpose Liquid Soap in Pump Dispenser: – Scent Clean Soft Hands: pH value is suitable with your hands.

It softens your hands and keeps your hands moist throughout the day with its moisturizing formula.

Effective Daily Hand Wash: Safe, and highly effective. Your hands smell pleasant with its long lasting and nice perfume scents containing sweet orange and galbanum at the top notes and patchouli and vanilla at the bottom notes.

Savon De Royal Pearl Liquid Soap gives your bathrooms a sophisticated look with its stylish and elegant packaging.
No Paraben: It does not contain alcohol and paraben.
Vegan Certified: Savon de Royal produces Cruelty-free Liquid Hand Soap.

None of our products are tested on animals.

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